Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) Explainer Video

Dashe & Thomson collaborated with the Sexual Violence Justice Institute (SVJI), part of the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA), to develop a curriculum to train Sexual Assault Response Teams (SARTs) on how to evaluate the effectiveness of their interventions and protocols.

MNCASA wanted SARTs (consisting of victim advocates, nurse examiners, police officers, and prosecutors, among others) to be able to evaluate themselves and improve, but there were roadblocks. SARTs experience high turnover, and team members express apprehension about self-evaluation and a lack of offender prosecution.

Dashe & Thomson designed a blended learning solution comprised of a series of videos, like this one, and an eLearning module aimed at creating buy-in for program self-evaluation. SARTs also received a series of interactive practice cases, in which the learner makes choices about how to perform an evaluation in a given scenario and how to respond when obstacles arise. All of these components were included in a learning portal that users across the country can access to find training materials, templates, and supporting tools to jump-start and enhance their planning and evaluation efforts.

Dashe provided a series of learning assets in an easy-to-use portal, helping MNCASA pursue its goal of building skills and boosting awareness among SART members around the processes of self-evaluation.

See more here: https://www.dashe.com/our-work/mncasa

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